Alexandria Occasional-Cortex

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Buy1Sell2, Feb 8, 2019.

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    The idiot wants all cars banned in 10 yrs , but states that the world only has 12 yrs left to exist. Someone is not using what little brain they have.
  3. She is definitely Jonestown material.

    She would be the very first to hit the Kool-Aid, although she probably has built up quite a tolerance over the years.
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    I heard they are going to ban cows too. It's a joke and it can't be true right?

  5. Banning cows? That sounds sexist to me.
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    It took me a while. :)

    Not used to gender fluidity yet, it's still a new thing to me.
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  7. Believe me, once you figure it out, they will change the rules.
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    Ms Cortex is now polling in her own district at 21 percent favorable with a massive 13 percent wanting her re-elected.
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