Alexandra Pelosi (Nancy's Daughter) is brilliant.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    I just saw Bill Mahers show tonight, and i got to admit, Alexandra Pelosi is very smart. Last week she showed some videos of a bunch of toothless rednecks from Mississippi, and when i first saw this, my original thought was that she was simply trying to make southern white people look bad, to prove the point that Republicans are all backword hill billies.

    Then This week on Maher's show she showed a bunch of black leeches, who were all exactly the same as the white rednecks she had originally presented, and she pointed out the fact that there is no difference between the 2, so Pelosi's point was that it doesnt matter about your skin color, there are rejects/leeches everywhere.

    Pelosi pointed out that they didnt laugh when the videos of the black "welfare queens" showed up, but they thought it was hilarious when there was videos of white retards...

    And Of course the race hustler Bill Maher came in and made all kinds of assertions about how it is different for black people, at the same time he implied that conservatives/republicans are all racists. . BUT Maher says he cant possible be a racist, because he donated to Obama.. LOL Infallible logic on his part.....

    I found this to be a very good debate, and i was shocked to see that Pelosi's daughter was presenting the point. In my mind it basically pointed out the fact that there is no difference between someone like RCG who envisions all conservatives as a bunch of racist toothles hill billies, and someone like Peil who envisions all black liberals as useless welfare queens.

    Its not very often im surprised by a conversation on someone like Mahers show, but Pelos's daughter caught me off guard and she seems very well balanced.

    I will post the video when/if it ends up on the internet, meanwhile did anyone else see this?
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    I've never watched Maher but it is interesting that Pelosi's daughter is objective. I would have thought that she was strongly leftist like her mother.

    Ever see Dick Cheney's daughter? She is an extremely effective debater.

    Maher's donation went to a Super-PAC. Obama said he wouldn't utilize a Super-PAC but he evidently changed his mind when the republicans started funding their own Super-PACs.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Pelosi's daughter is still clearly a liberal, but she was very objective. Liz Cheney is a lesbian isnt she? Id imagine she has some very liberal social views, good for her!

    McCains daughter is also pretty liberal socially, but i suppose that shouldnt come as much of a shock as John McCain was pretty much a liberal himself.

    It is kind of strange that Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain are both pretty liberal, given the fact that both their fathers are the 2 biggest war mongerers in history...... basically the same thing as Pelosi's daughter, who doesnt espouse the same far left ideas.

  4. Best point she made imo was when she said we spend 70 billion a year on food stamps and 700 billion on defense
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    I remember that, and once again, I agree with what she said.

    I want to cut the defense budget as well, When you compare "food stamps" individually to defense it looks like nothing, but they are only a small drop in the bucket, and it is all a part of the overall welfare state.

    So all these programs look small when compared individually against defense, but the fact is they are all just another piece of the welfare state, and both defense, and "welfare" need to be cut.

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    + 1
  7. The Redneck Manifesto:

    How Hillbillies Hicks and White Trash Became America's Scapegoats

    is the title of a 1997 book by author Jim Goad, in which he delineates some of his views about what he sees to be the disenfranchisement of lower-class white people, and how certain aspects of American society, such as racism and sexism, cover what he sees as a deeper concern relating to class conflict. His thesis is that the rich elite blind the poor, and cause them to fight one another, instead of working together for their mutual benefit.
  8. Imo, this is an irrelevant comparison.

    If any of you own buy guns and ammo, why don't you take your gun money and donate it?

    If you already donate money to the poor, why not cut out your ammo hobby and donate more money to the poor?

    Is your budget and "either - or"?

    No, we do both.

    Pretty exciting watching a new piece of military equipment on you tube. Much more exciting than looking at someone filling up a cart at wall mart with taxpayer funded freebies.

    People sitting in prison get free food.(schools too) Is that figure included in the 70 billion? Most likely not.

    Checking around, our 70 b in food stamps is probably the leading cause of obesity.
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    Yeah, eating will do that.
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    Interesting how Max thought Lexi was a drone when she spoke critically about certain whites, but immediately declared her "brilliant" the moment she spoke critically about certain blacks. Not merely balanced, but "brilliant."
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