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  1. To my understanding they are using a lot of Don Jones' stuff, as I think he will probably die soon and is passing the proverbial torch. I took the parts Cisco course a while back and learned some very good info that I have integrated into my is very academic and very blinky lights, metrosexuals with faux hawks and argyle sweaters, or chat rooms or any of the "cool" newbie bait stuff you see today...

    Don Jones is old school.

    He endorses Alexander Trading, but that doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot to me....I am not a big fan of Don because he is a little too "ivory tower" for my taste.....

    I know it sounds contradictory, but it is what it is...
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    I've been member there for almost 3 years and I finally gave up. There is value in what he teaching but he deliberately evasive about details. I can't tell if he really trade or not but he withhold specifics so EVERYBODY continue to struggle and need his "next course." Are always just one course or "mentoring package" away from being given keys to the kingdom. He is really sharp salesperson I'll give him that.

    Is more about sales and marketing than he is actually teaching people what they need to know. He talks good game, always puffing himself up and promising things that he never gets around to delivering. Total BS'er.

    Also, their chat room was biggest waste of time I've ever seen. Nothing but "there's the russell making a new high" and other useless crap like that. You never see them committing to anything.

    They have a $2000 course that's not bad but just do a google search for

    Alexander Trading New Foundations

    and you'll find everything you need to check it out. I definitely regret time I wasted with that company.