Alexander Moss - Neotech ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by toby400, Jan 7, 2004.

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    about anyone else, but I am going to sue them. I think I broke my tail bone falling off my chair laughing! Wow can that guy ramble on! Sorry can't say if its legit, but I'll pass.
  3. thanks for the memories ! when i was in highschool, i recd a neotech direct mail booklet. it was trying to sell 3000 page neotech handbook that would enable the neotech devotee to rule the world ! it was super funny, yet intriguing. even back then, i knew it to be some kind of scam. i see the same concept has resurfaced under a different cover. LOL !

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    I owned a neotech manual; the first 99.9% saying how great neotech will be, the last .1% was kind of incompleted manuscript, I think it came from the mind of a mad man.
  5. Sorry but this man is another in a long line of self diluted vendors.

    3 Rules

    1. Unconditional Money back guarantee (Take no excuses)
    2. 4 References home numbers and address's
    3. Audited Statements of claims.

    If he gives you all these let me know and I will buy it too.....LOL.

    Beats my 50% annual returns.
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    I notice the original poster over at Trade2Win has disappeared.
    Thanks for your help.

    I'll wait a couple more days then post this thread over at Trade2Win.:D :D