Alexander Elder Trading Room Video 10 Dvd Video Course

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  1. 10 DVDs $75 USPS Priority Mail included.

    Traders' Camp, was filmed in January 2003 in St Maarten, during our week-long Caribbean Traders' Camp. It follows the book Come Into My Trading Room in its broad outline, but in many parts goes much farther and deeper, in response to campers' questions.

    Come into the room where two dozen traders spend a week learning the strategy and tactics with Dr. Alexander Elder. Follow his lectures, listen to questions and answers, view one charting example after another, take a peek at the social events held after the class. Filmed on location at a traders' camp in the Caribbean and edited down to the essential ten hours, this video brings you into a private space where serious traders go to learn and improve their skills.

    You will master:

    Trading Psychology

    Technical Analysis

    Money Management

    System Design

    Record Keeping

    Decision Making Tree

    Paypal fee free, money order, cash, gold, silver, check. Email with questions, sorry no returns. Free USPS Priority mail domestic shipping, international extra.
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    You really need the $75?
  3. Hard to really tell what you mean. So pick one:

    Yes, I am not a profitable trader yet. Are you offering to mentor?
    Well, I didn't list it because I was bored.
    I need to clean up a bunch of stuff.
    ___________ fill in the blank.
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    Here's what I mean: Seems massively labor intensive to advertise a 10 DVD video course, field the inquiries, and then pack it up and ship it for $75. However, I guess it is a deflationary environment and dollars are much harder to come by than they used to be.
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    lol yea its really hard to type a few words on a message board
  6. Sheesh. Look at the OP's other posts. This is his own private Ebay Trader's Gallery :D
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    Tell you what bud. You seem like a nice guy. So, you offer to give me 75 bucks just to take the crap off your hands, and I'll think about it. Whatcha say?
  8. For all of you time/electron wasters channel your energy into something else positive. For any others it is no longer available.