Alexander Elder - Entries and Exits

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  1. Why did I bother ? Ah.. such a rudimentary book for $80. Hell, Trading for Dummies is a better book and it cost $12.

    However, Entries and Exits is a nice book i.e. pretty charts and color.

    I don't get the high reviews for Elder's books - Come into my trading room, etc.. It only talks about bollinger, macd, stochastic, and MA. These books should be priced at no more than $5. He doesn't go into the big picture on how the market reacts and it's relation to the stocks.

    Hell, Toni Turner's $12 book is much better.

    Anyways, I just being bitter because I wasted time/energy reading it.

    I'm just gonna stick with Market wizards, Van Tharp, O'Neil and Murphy.
  2. I enjoyed reading Entries and Exits, though I didn't pay $80, the NYC library system is amazing.

    The chapter involving Pascal William was the most interesting, the effective volume system he shared was something I'd like to take a further look into. In fact, I'm surprised he shared it, given how well it was working for him.

    Most of the others were just using plain vanilla TA for swing strategies. I'll admit some chapters/profiles were a bit repetitive, but it was an interesting read nonetheless.
  3. What are your must own books? My local library is a distraction - too many college girls running around.

    Heh.. my library didn't have entries and exits. However, I

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    However, you - what? (Geez, those college girls really are distracting...)