Alex Wasilewski article in Futures Truth

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  1. Just about to order the latest issue of Futures Truth magazine.

    Lead article is by Alex Wasilewski who used to own Puretick and Market Dancer.

    Apparently he has retired and is exposing the day trading chat room industry tricks.
  2. Terrible—- what an unhealthy looking person


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    All he needs is a fake tan and higher office awaits.
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  4. I think he took your advice when he moved to Florida and got tanned.
    Then must have improved his health to convince the FAA to give him a pilot's license.

    Not bad looking for a 68 year old guy. AW with his Cirrus.jpg Alex TG.JPG
  5. Now we need everyone else's picture. LOL
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    Ohh, he is a famous con in the vendor game.
    Another paid article from a trading magazine.
    And useful to bring in more prey..

    It just doesn't get any easier for the poor noobs
  7. Anyone who tries to expose runs against a wall as this is not in the best interest of brokers and various gurus. Not only intraday chart rooms but the whole technical analysis narrative must be exposed. Quants like Michael Harris are trying. There is gold in his articles and in his free book available from this link.

  8. Yeah. He is looking much healthier. Good for him!
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    Mark Slobodnick of PureTick is a FRAUD.
    Mark Slobodnick of PureTick is a FRAUD.
    December 8, 2018 Live Futures Trading Rooms, Uncategorized, Worst Live Trading Rooms 4 Comments
    In the past week–the CFTC put the “pimp-hand” on Mark Slobodnick of

    Who in the hell is Mark Slobodnick? For those who have been around the Futures trading educational scene for a while…you know Mark Slobodnick.

    Mark got his start scamming ‘mom and pop’ investors back in 2007, while he was a so-called Futures trading educator at a company named Mark the “head moderator” of the live trading room, would sit on his plump ass all day, and pretend to make winning trades.

    The ‘sheeple’ in the live trading room trusted Mark. And they paid a heavy price. Usually, an upfront fee of several thousands of dollars and a monthly subscription fee to watch this turd blossom demonstrate his supposed trading greatness.

    Former ‘BigShot’ super trader that never was.
    The scam started off innocent enough. Honest folks would show up to the live trading room and Mark would tell all sorts of stories about his former glory. Some BS about how he was a big shot, former floor trader on the CBOT and how he made millions of dollars buying and selling SP500 Futures contracts.

    The only thing true about his story was the part about being a former floor trader. Which he was. However, there is much debate whether this turd blossom ever earned a nickel at trading.

    And besides, if he made millions of dollars as he claimed, then why was he peddling a live Futures Trading room for table scraps? It does not add up.

    Anyway, scamming ‘mom and pop’ for a few bucks each month for his trading room grew stale and tiresome. At some point, he decide to just steal whatever these poor folks had in their savings accounts.

    And so, with his partner in crime, a royal douche bag named Richard Carter, they spent $10 at Rocket Lawyer and created an LLC named Blue Guru Trading LLC.

    Guaranteed Investment Returns? Nope.
    This so-called ‘prop trading’ company was supposed to deliver 8% annual, guaranteed interest payments, and 50% of whatever profits these bumbling fools could generate from trading Futures contracts.

    Ultimately, and until December 2017, they raised a total of $1,763,848 for their ridiculous investment scheme. What did they do with the money? Glad you asked.

    A total of $1.2 million was deposited into a trading account, of which they promptly lost $501,000 day trading the Dow and SP500 mini futures contracts. $62k was paid in broker commissions, and Mark fraudulently paid himself $45k for the pleasure.

    All the while, both Slobodnick andCarter proclaimed to investors that ‘Another winning day folks! As anyone with eyeballs can see, we did it live and for everyone to witness.’

    In real time, in the live trading room, the customer thought they were watching the work of trading maestros. They thought that it all looked so simple and amazing. Amazing profits, all they had to, was log into the live trading room and their retirement concerns were a thing of the past.

    Little did they know, neither of these bumbling idiots had a clue how to profit. It appears that their only proficiency was losing massive amounts of investor funds.

    At some point, and naturally so, these poor investors wanted to pull their money out. To pay for things like putting their kids through school, or building a new chicken coop in their back yard, or the unlimited fried shrimp at the Red Lobster. And this of course is when the shit hit the fan.

    Investors simply could not get their money back. When they asked, they were met with some of the most amazing stories that even a Hollywood screenwriter could not imagine. Truly rediculous, absolutely pathetic, and 100% fraudulent.

    On about January 2018, the CFTC had seen enough and immediately froze the assets of both of these idiots. The insanity had finally ended. And of course, the website they used to promote their scam mysteriously disappeared like a fart in the wind.

    One can only imagine how those poor investors must have felt on that day. They faithfully awoke that morning, attempted to visit the PureTick website and were met with a blank screen. Oh, the horror.

    Finally, on December 6 2018, the CFTC lowered the final boom:

    • $1.4 million restitution
    • $1.4 million disgorgement
    • $4.2 million civil monetary penalty.
    Considering that these morons had to borrow money to trade, then you can imagine the chances of the victims recovering any of their lost funds. Sorry folks–the markets are cruel. But they are especially cruel to the naive, the greedy, the gullible, and the just plain stupid.

    I don’t want to call the victims stupid; that would only bathe their losses with yet more pain. But this is just a ridiculous
  10. What was Alex's name here on ET ? Was it spydertrader ?
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