Alex L. Wasilewski, Jack Hershey & Adolph Hitler walk into a bar

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  1. And Hitler refuses to drink with the other two on moral grounds
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    I wonder if the Jewish Banking System had left Germany alone in the early 30's would the Holocaust have happened?
  3. Yes.
  4. The Jews don't own the banks, they just manage them for the real super rich, ie: royal families etc.. pick up a fucking book now and then
  5. You are a drama queen
  6. A good burn has to at the very least make sense
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    Chill Thunder -- I'm asking a question, not stating an opinion. I have been researching the topic and obviously Hitler was deeply troubled and easily ranks among the top of the most evil creatures to ever live but in studying history, it seems Hitler's anger stems, in part, from the way the banking system infiltrated the country when Germany was on its way to becoming prosperous post-WWI, and the great depression. His hate toward Jews began well before the 30's but it seems to reach its height when, according to the material I have read, the Banking Cartel ruined Germany's economic recovery by inflating a non-bank produced currency.

  8. Wow, you can always learn something on ET, no matter what the original topic was ... great punchline though! :p :D :)
  9. I just going to go out on a limb here and say Hitlers motivation was more psychological than financial.. why does it feel like I'm stating the obvious.. oh yeah
  10. I wonder if you're a toothless inbred... didn't you also say Berkshire would lose 70K when it was around 73K on March 9th?

    Chill the1 -- I'm asking a question, not stating an opinion.
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