Alex Jones on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch

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  1. Yes that is what I thought......YOU LIED about listening to Alex Jones in the past!!! :eek:

    Here in just one very small section of and Alex has numerous negative news stories about Israeli government......

    BTW, who was the MAIN news outlet covering the recent ramming of the relief boat Cynthia McKinney was on by the Israeli Navy???

    Who covered Israeli mossad involvement in numerous "false flag" ops, to include 9/11??? Thats right......ALEX JONES!!!

    Who SLAMS Israel over the U.S.S. Liberty sinking and has covered this story in several movies??? Thats right.....ALEX JONES!!! :cool:

    You have been OWNED AGAIN!!! :cool: "AMT's FACTS.....ZOG's FICTION!"

    ALEX actually makes movies about Israeli government ops/ just make pathetic postings from your Z.O.G. jew hate manual!!! :D :eek: :D :eek: :D
  2. ZOGgies sad ultimate reality.........

    Alex Jones reaches millions with his reports against Israeli government actions.......ZOG anti-jew reports reach 10!!!

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :D :eek: :D

    "AMT's FACTS.....ZOG's FICTION!" :cool:
  3. The BS you pull out of your a$$ says EVERYTHING about YOU....and ONLY YOU!!! :eek:

    "AMT's FACTS.....ZOG's FICTION!" :cool:
  4. Yes indeed, Alex had it RIGHT again as Arab/Hollywood MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR deals were flying all over the place the past years (because he PAYS ATTENTION to where the sovereign wealth funds monies are going)........

    "Media Meccas - Mideast nations eager to develop entertainment hubs are pouring money into Hollywood."

    Emily Flynn Vencat and Zvika Krieger

    Financial Times........

    "the FT points out, such foreign investors "only discover why the locals were selling after the deal is done." The paper notes that "Abu Dhabi announced last week it was putting $1 [billion] into film production in Hollywood and elsewhere,"


    THANKS Alex for continuing to be PROPERLY informed!!! :cool:

    ......and the ZOGnut FAILS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "AMT's FACTS.....ZOG's FICTION!" :cool:

  5. Alex Jones is a broadcaster. Nothing more. Events are occuring so fast................we lose a free press and it is over.
    Congress has become a laughing stock. Pathetic. I hope the people that peruse this site really think about what is happening
    to the country.
  6. Alex Jones is one of the FEW broadcasters that just happens to be WAY AHEAD of the power curve in our current world geopolitical & financial environment! :cool:

    You will NEVER find any ZOGnuts making "calls" like this!!!