Alex Jones Mega Rant!!!! Awesome!!!!

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    How many people who were in the NWO did you "deal" with today?

  2. Man, I swear to god that guy has a big nugget of adderall he nibbles on all day.

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    For one a "true" American is not a politically-correct "weasel" as the rant implies.
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    Alex dropped bombs. Great clip. Typical TV-head morons.
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    At the very least, you should make an attempt to read the mainstream news articles Alex Jones links to and discusses. He doesn't make shit up.

    In reality, the news cycle drops bombs then casually sweeps them under the rug, down the memory hole and pretend they never happened. When all those revelations are tallied together and the dots connected in the aggregate, a very nasty picture emerges that confirms the suspicions most average folk have had for decades. Namely, that Bankers, Top Corporations and Elitists run our Country, we're heading towards a One-World Government, and tyranny (not freedom or the Bill of Rights) is on the front-and-center of their agenda. Everyone can see AND FEEL this happening. Yet, they rationalize it with the idiot pablum they're fed by media and Government "officials".

  7. Its right there in the name ...Multi National Corporations.
  8. While this may well be true, Alex Jones and his insane fans are counter-productive, they give bad name to any legitimate opposition to the trend you describe by associating it with lunatic, fringe conspiracy theories. Instead of discussing this "One-World Government", people are dealing with <s>morons</s> (oops sorry, Alex Jones' followers) who spew illogical and baseless nonsense about 9/11, Osama Bin Laden and Moon landing. No wonder they are not taken seriously.

    For all I know Alex Jones is part of the "One-World Government" conspiracy and his role is to help portray any opposition to it as a bunch of ignorant idiots by diverting the attention from real issues to ridiculous baseless and patently false conspiracies. How is that for a conspiracy theory?
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    I've asked AMT4 the same essential question, "how do you know this conspiracy isn't two layers deep?"
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