Alex is one SICK puppy

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by B. Rowshan, Feb 5, 2009.

Is Alex a sick parasite?

  1. Yes!

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  2. Hell yes!

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  3. no, he's ok

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  1. PM from alex:

    give me your address now

    I can get my aircraft fueled in one half hour.

    You call me a fag to my face you cunt.

    Bring your fucking lawyer and orthofuckingpedic surgeon.

    I guarantee you will not show up.

  2. I hope it's not TOS for sponsors to PM members demanding their addresses. I mean, come on, he's going to fly his imaginary plane into NYC to meet me? LMAO!
  3. Hehe--so much for the "kinder, gentler Alex" --

  4. lol.
  5. I have never waded into the PureTick threads, but I guess I will now. That man is an embarrassment. How can this site let a sponsor behave like that?

    It reflects very poorly on Elite Trader to endorse such behaviour by hosting this sponsor.

    I don't even know why I am responding to this thread as it will be deleted in no time. Even though it appears to be true.

    Alex, as a sponsor you are held to a higher standard than the anonymous people who post here. Please conduct yourself in a more professional manner ala Don Bright.
    what a sicko, if that's a real PM

  7. it's not only imaginary, it's invisible too

    he bought it from wonder woman
  8. Guys like Don Brite do a good job at being a sponsor. On more then a few occasions, Don has been razzed a bit and he has always replied back in a peaceful, civilized manner.

    However, Alex's posts are simply out of control to the point of being hostile, belligerent and obviously inappropriate. Sponsors should be held to a much higher standard.

    The poll says it all. Alex has been voted off the island, time for him to go the way of Bulls and Bearz and Sykes.
  9. A precedent has been set---

    Baron let Timmy Sykes run rampant on this site for months while trying to scam and hype his book. Only after his paid sponsorship ended did Baron step in and close all his shitty threads.

    Baron lets trolls like stock_trad3r relentlessly flood ET with post after post of the same useless drivel (WERD). I think 50% of ET has that annoying turd on ignore yet Baron still allows him to troll ET.

    Post count and page views trump all.

    Alex and Purescam are no different.
  10. hughb


    I've tried avoiding it as well, but it seems to be growing and on the verge of dominating the board and getting out of hand.

    I once tried to ask Alex to tone down his rhetoric, I even thanked him for being a sponsor. He needs to ask himself if this is how he wants to be percieved.

    And in no way does this excuse the trolls who hound him relentlessly. While it's unprofessional for Alex to behave like he does, it's just as bad for Rowshan to be calling him "fag". WTF, are you guys still 8 years old fresh from the playground?
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