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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Optional, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. A PM sent to me by ET's super sponsor Alex the Liar Wasiwhateverski...

    Real nice..

    You can make money this week.

    Send me a brief video of you sucking your mother's cunt and I will send you 10.00

    And you can log into our room for 1 week and not pay the $29.00 fee.

    But mom has to prove it is she. I need a photo driver's license.
    Put it right about tit level when you do your thing.

    Then you can stop fantasizing about me, OK scumbag?

    You are ruining my appetite.

  2. Alex must be hurtiing for business. I received this SPAM from Puretick.

    This is xxxxxx with PureTick. I wanted to let you know of our trading education service, and offer you a special rate! With an 86% success rate, we were voted the best trading site online by Futures Magazine. Between now and August 21st, I am able to offer you a discounted rate of $199, as opposed to the normal $299, for one month. This is one-third off of the original price! I would like to invite you to experince our live trading chat room that is in real time. We help our students become a success and teach them how to stay profitable in any kind of market! You can always email me at or call xxx-xxx-xxxx.


    P.S. In order to get this special rate, you must use "xxxxxx" as the referer or coupon code.
  3. Baron,

    How can you allow a sponsor to talk to people like that?

    Is ET really in need of a few extra dollars that you condone such behavior?
  4. TsunTzu


    Seems that being a sponsor of ET doesn't bring with it any responsibility nor requirement to meet any standards. For some reason it appears ET believes that it does not reflect on them nor on any of the other sponsors.

    Very odd.
  5. Can you be any more dramatic? :p

  6. Mike, if you can pay, you can play.

  7. If you ponied up money and became a sponsor, I'd defend you too numb nuts. This site ONLY operates because it generates MONEY for the owners.

    Plus you can put sponsors on I-G-N-O-R-E!

    Stop being such a drama queen....taking food off families tables... pffffffft :p

  8. ET took my moderator status away because I criticized puresh!t lol. They also deleted the thread.

    One less set of eyes watching over some of the forums.:D Their loss.
  9. It's always the same with some of these sponsors and Alex isn't the first to behave like this...

    He's just the most unprofessional of the bunch.

    Note: most of ET sponsors are cool.

    With that said, I do remember when Puretick first arrived as I do many other sponsors that choose to interact directly with ET members instead of just posting banner advertisements.

    Things were calm or tame when Puretick first arrived until a particular member (won't mention her name) showed up and started with mainly personal attacks with very little attack on their business.

    What does Alex do...he retaliates in a nasty way only at the individual that started crap first. Next arrived many ET members to defend the original mudslinger...

    The personal attacks spread like a virus in a low immune system.

    Alex seemed perplexed and disappears for a few days.

    He then returns and start posting email exerpts of a few members that took their personal attacks to a whole new level.

    Guess what guys...gloves were off and he's now going after your brothers, sisters, mother, father, grandparents et cetera via pm, email and public forum of ET. :D

    Simply, you guys created a monster and couldn't leave the guy alone so that he can quietly disappear like others before him when members got smart and let them die a slow quiet death via ignoring them.

    Yet, I do realize it's just entertainment for most of the gang because you guys continue baiting them into these mudslinging exchanges and then pretend to be upset when they send you a dirty private message about something obscene involving your family member. :p

    (I think Puretick realize they can't use email to say the same stuff because then Baron is unable to protect them)

    Seriously, as long as we are unwilling to pay Baron to use his forum while those like Puretick are willing to pay Baron...

    These threads are a joke to Baron because money talks.

    Maybe you guys can setup a thread with a PayPal Donation button where members can pay to get rid of Puretick...can't hurt to try and if it doesn't work...donate the money to some known charity.

    By the way, I'm not making fun of the above charity organization. I'm trying to let you guys know that you created the way Puretick behaves at ET along with stroking them in that special way that it encourages them to continue behaving like jerks.

    Thus, it's obvious it's going to take money to make them go away. Therefore, make Baron a legitimate offer with financial compensation or offer him something he can't resist (be creative and it doesn't need to be legal).

    P.S. Surely someone can hire a high class hooker in Florida to pay Baron a visit. Make sure she wears a tight shirt that saids I Love ET :p

  10. The guy pays for YOUR right to have a site like this. You think Baron keeps this running purely based on your 1000 aliases centered about Hershey?? LoL

    You have zero business sense bucko :p

    #10     Aug 17, 2009
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