Alex Castellanos, GOP Strategist: Clinton Speech Was 'Moment That Probably Reelected

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  1. obama.

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former President Bill Clinton's speech on Wednesday night was a tour de force that exhibited his best qualities as an easily relatable communicator and effective yet likeable attack dog. And in a telling nod toward its effectiveness, the one aspect that Republicans felt comfortable attacking was its length of nearly 50 mintues.

    Some conservatives didn't bother with that. Appearing on CNN shortly after Clinton finished, Alex Castellanos, a longtime cable commentator and former aide to Mitt Romney, spoke in awe of the 42nd president's address.

    "I would recommend to my friend Paul [Begala] here, tonight when everybody leaves, lock the doors. You don't have to come back tomorrow. This convention is done," Castellanos said. "This will be the moment that probably reelected Barack Obama. Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party once, it was going too far left, he came in, the new Democrats took it to the center. He did it again tonight."
  2. Im interested to hear what Jem thinks , his ' Romney Looks Like The Next President' thread has suddenly gone very quiet.:(.
  3. maybe he listened to the speeches and it became apparent that there really was an empty chair(suit) at the first convention.
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    Oh goody some more leftist mental masturbation.
    My day just wouldn't be complete without it.
  5. Give us your view of Clinton's speech then. And if you could get a little deeper than just saying ABO.
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    Do I have to watch the speech first? Please PLEASE say I don't.
    Unlike you and your ilk I don't expect or enjoy being lied to.
  7. Well yes, if you're going to criticize the review of the speech you really need to listen to the speech first.
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    Are you kidding? Lucrum is already reaching as far as he can with "ABO."
  9. Yeah, but he doesn't yet know that RCG's vote cancels out his.:).
  10. Clinton has no history of influencing voters. By the time Clinton left office the Democrats had lost all its majorities and was in pieces
    In 1994 he lost the House for the first time in forty years. While he was President the Democrats lost majority number of Governors.
    Clinton was unable to help Gore get elected in the middle of the Clinton miracle economy.
    Clinton could not help his wife get elected President after being the big favorite for 4 years.
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