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  1. mcteague


    I have been testing out trading the es through IB. By testing I mean looking at how my setups perform using their online demo system. I am happy with what I see, and will open an account very soon.

    My setups do not occur very often. Usually 1-3 times a day. Sometimes not at all. But I am comfortable with them. This is a 24 hour market (more or less).
    I don't mind watching the charts a few hours a day. Its part of the job. But I can not strap myself into the chair for 24 hours. And I don't want to miss any opportunity if possible

    I need software that will alert me based on technical indications that I set. I need to both send a noisy alarm on my computer for when I am asleep. And to email or text my phone if I happen to be away.

    So I don't want a price based alert. What I do want for example is if the macd histogram is positive and price breaks the upper bollinger band; text me, & sound alarm and wake me up. Or another, if the elder impulse is red and stochastic falls below 80; sound alarm etc.

    I have heard of trade ninja and esignal, but have not used then. Can they do what I want?
    If not are there others that might be better? Although I have computer skills, I would prefer something where I did not have to do a lot of customization or coding.

    Thanks for any advice
  2. lindq


    InvestorRT at

    I/RT also interfaces with IB and will input data from IB. So no need for an additional data source.
  3. Could just use Excel and Skype...might require a little more coding than you're looking for though.
  4. Mr_You


    I would shoot for NinjaTrader. Lots of programming support, someone may have already coded your indicator for free.