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  1. Hi

    Can anyone pls direct me on where i would be able to get 'audio/alarm' mobile phone alerts on the futures instruments?

    I primarily trade the emini sp500, and alot of my positions are entered/closed during 2am - 7am !

    I need some gadget where if the emini futures contract trades at a predefined level (set by me) during the asian hours or whenever, i be notified by some hench alarm or something (im a heavly sleeper sometimes)

    Im aware alerts can be set on the trading platforms but they dont go on for long enough to wake me up, and more importantly i will not be at home for next couple weeks thus no workstations at home.

    Mobile phone alerts or anything - some continuous thing that will get me out of deep sleep at like 3/4am if need be?

  2. good question.

    maybe try searching, or write to them.

    they are developing this 'hands off/not glue to monitor' idea, so they may point you in the right direction.
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    Investors Chronicle magazine are running a special offer with timetotrade. You can claim 20 free SMS alerts to "try before you buy":
    Investors Chronicle >>
  4. I use IB and verizon phone company, I have alarm/alert. Your broker should have this kind of service, email/phone/siren, etc.
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    I use IB as well - they are a good broker. To the best of my knowledge they only provide basic price alerts, but things may have changed since the last time I looked at it.

    Timetotrade on the other hand provide a broad range of price, trendline and technical analysis alerts that can be put together in powerful combinations through a simple point and click graphic interface e.g. get an alert when the price hits a trendline followed by for example a MACD crossover. For example: