Alerted when a stk drops a lot?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by website, Sep 23, 2009.

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    In IB, is there a way to set an alarm that will activate when any of the stocks on watchlist (page) go up or down a specific amount or %?

    Say there are 50 to 100 stocks in page/watchlist and if any of the stock on that list drops say 20cents in a minute or so, then an alarm should go off to draw my attention to the security in my watchlist/page that is dropping/moving quickly.

    IB customer service said this feature is not available.

    QuoteTracker is free and plugs into IB's data feed. Does QuoteTracker have this feature?

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    QuoteTracker replied saying they don't have this feature.

    Does any other tool have this feature?

  3. Well, it's not quite what you want, but if you are using Quotetracker with TDAmeritrade, you can use the "most actives". I have two separate most active windows up, one for NYSE and one for Naz. You can set the duration from one hour down to one minute. When set for 5 minutes or less, whichever stock is at the top of the "most trades" column in either window, is usually on a tear straight up or down.

    Like I said, it's not exactly what you want, but I like it and it's free.

    TradeIdeas will do what you want though.
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    Thanks TheAngryHermit.

    IB has the daily highest % gainer/loser scanner with diff refresh rates.

    However, I mostly trade stocks that I am comfortable with. Whose balance sheet, & biz I know. I populate my watchlist with these in IB and buy when there is a drop. I have gtc buy orders (with sound alert) at lower entry points on a few.

    It would be very nice to have a global alert that goes off when any one of the stks in my watchlist goes down/up below a threshold level. Example a)when a 5% has been made in the last few mins b) or 10% move since open etc.

    I am looking at TradeIdeas now.

  5. Yes CQG has this feature
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    I have Java programming experience and so was wondering if this feature could be implemented by me using IB's API.

    Those with experience on IB's API think it's doable with what IB exposes? I shall have a first look at the API.

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    This features should be relatively simple to implement if you have programming experience.
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    I quickly looked up the API and I think
    reqMktData() and reqRealTimeBars()
    should help me in getting started.
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    The basic infrastructure code you need has been implemented a hundred times already so you can save yourself a lot of time by leveraging work already done.

    First, look at the example that ships with the API.

    Second, if you're using Java:

    Look in the files section for sample code at the Yahoo! TWAPI Group:

    Look at JSystemTrader:

    or JOpenComponents:

    amongst many others...