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Discussion in 'Forex' started by drpete, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. drpete


    Does anyone know of a rate alert service?? I have tried to find one on google but all I get apart from is trading signal alerts.

    Has anyone tried mobile4x? Know of any others??

    I think you can set triggers for currency levels and more. You will receive an email when the trigger is hit. Don't use this though and it has been a while since I tried it out, so I'm not sure.

    Also remember that there can be a difference between the quotes used by the service and that of your currency platform.
  3. I can confirm alertfx works great and is very reliable, and it's free!

    I've got mine set up to alert by email to my cellular, ideal if you're away from the screens and want to know if an order was hit. They've also got a few indicators on there, ie bollinger bands and moving averages, the usual stuff.
  4. drpete


    Thanks for the help - I checked alertfx out but unfortunately I don't have an email enabled phone.

    I have however signed up to and they seem quite useful as they are also free and you can update your alerts by sending a text to the service.

    Will post here once I have used them for a week or so.
  5. Thanks for the link, it looks like a useful service!

    They say it's only a free trial though so it may become a pay-for service at some time in the future.

    You don't actually need an email phone for alertfx as long as you can set up an email address from your mobile service provider and then get free text alerts when a new email comes in using a filter so you just get alerts if the email is from alertfx.

    Works for me but I'll certainly be giving mobile4x a try, it's a lot easier!