Alert : Major market action likely January 4

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    It's no secret that investors have racked up millions of dollars in paper profits this year. The average S&P 500 stock has risen 66% since March alone.

    Now, large hedge funds, mutual funds, pensions and wealthy investors need to take some of those profits off of the table to tidy up their balance sheets.

    But there's a problem:

    • Those who take their profits before December 31 will get a big tax bill on April 15, 2010, while ...
    • Those who WAIT until the first trading day of the new year won't have to pay taxes on their profits for 15 long months — until April 15, 2011!

    That means you can expect to see many of the world's largest institutions selling some of their shares on the very first trading day of the new year.

    CAPITALISM = uninterrupted transfer of wealth from the masses to the elite.
  2. heech


    What about those who wait until the second trading day of the new year?
  3. I would rather say the uninterrupted transfer of wealth from the people who are wong to those who are right...
  4. if there happens to be a major dump on the first day of trading than many won't wait until the second day: DUMP, DUMP, DUMP! :D
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    What makes you think they won't pay quarterly estimated taxes by 4/15/10 for gains realized during Q1?
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    You're suggesting the Chinese are losing money? :)
  7. Settlement date...think about it.
  8. it is a simple matter of looking at the 5-year chart: first trading day of each year since, 06 and 07 were up and 08 and 09 were down. But there were all continuing the trend, and had more than doubled average daily moves. I would bet if I have to Jan 4th will have significant up move.:D
  9. FALSE - "RIGGED" globalist building corprotocracy is the planned transfer of wealth from the masses to the elite. Pure CAPITALISM is the ONLY chance for the little guy with great ideas and exceptional service to rise up! :cool:
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    The first day to sell for a 2010 settlement was December 29, a rather uneventful day.
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