Alert! House members discussing new amnesty proposal! Feb 14, 08

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    (these pricks never, ever stop)

    ALERT! House floating new amnesty proposal to undermine SAVE Act!

    The House Democratic leadership is developing a new amnesty plan. Discussions are underway on a bill that would give illegal aliens a visa that awards legal status for five years if they have jobs, pay nominal fines, and pass background checks.

    Since the visas could be renewed, it is a new plan for a permanent amnesty. By not offering a "path to citizenship"-at least not yet--the proponents think it will not engender as much opposition as the amnesty of the McCain--Kennedy comprehensive immigration bill.

    The new plan attempts to lure business and Republican support by offering additional employment visas for agricultural and technical workers.

    The authors of this proposal are concerned about growing support for the SAVE Act, HR 4088. This bipartisan measure, which stresses enforcement and increases border security, now has over 130 co-sponsors.

    Help us launch a pre-emptive strike against this new insidious amnesty proposal.
  2. I heard about this today. I'm not sure who is pushing it, but it is brilliant. If Mccain supports it, he's toast. Nothing he says to conservatives will matter. If he doesn't, he has to explain an embarrassing flip flop, plus he alienates the hispanic vote.
  3. RELAX! RELAX!!!....the house and senate have much more important matters at did Clemens take a needle in his ass in 1995? Did Barry Bonds take the cream and the clear in 2001? and most important of all...Did Bill Bellicheck film the Rams in 2001??? Don't be such a tool....with a docket of imortant issues like this, how in the world could they have time to consider something relating to National Security???:p

    I can just see Spector now
    SPECTOR " Grace, whats on my schedule today"

    GRACE " well sir, there is a senate finance committe meeting, there is a economic meeting to help stimulate the economy. there is a important meeting on the situation with Hezbollah and Israel , there is a update on the Iraq war and a timet able for the return of troops and a sub panel investigation into the sub prime fraud and mortgage crisis in America....oh...and some people are saying Bill Bellichek taped more teams then the Jets"

    SPECTOR " Grace. Clear my slate....I've got more important things...I think slick billi was secretly filming my steelers"