ALERT! Euro in DownTrend to 1.18 and more down!!!

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  1. If it is so clear Euro technically will go down, than just watch out for the contrarian BIG funds that are round the corner to blow it up with a big magnitude of buying it though lifting it up to 150-200pips from here, before diving again to the 1.18 major support

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  3. well, market opened at 1.2039 - climbed to 1.2067 ( 26-pips) then dropped.

    If it does that back and forth 10 times, it WILL have gone up 200-pips!

    fuzzy logic (or is "foggy logic?")

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  4. Probably Fozzie Bear logic

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  5. the way I feel about it, if EUR/USD was gonna move lower it already would have.

    call it fcked up logic.

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  6. Yeah... that IS fckedup logic mate...

    you need glasses... how much more do you think the downtrend would have gone without a retracement? People taking profits and all... .

    My gosh, i haven't seen even one bit of consistent support today... but i know i DID see 3 resistance points highly anticipated and 2 rounds of profit taking.... and that means the the fourth may bring southward action... If that does not happen today or tomorrow, and we are still seesawing... then there might be a chance for a move north... might is the right word....

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  7. hey Alex, well, current thought is: There's a 100-pip move coming.

    up or down is the issue.

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  8. and whats your position fxscalper
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  9. Okay. I have officially lost my mind on this. Here is some supporting long term trendlines that make me think we are at the bottom of the channel and headed up. Who knows what I will think tommorrow.

    Coinz must be getting to me. Let's argue about this for a while.

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  10. ozzy


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    Profit Target @ 1.2130
    Stop Loss 15
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