ALERT! Euro in DownTrend to 1.18 and more down!!!

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  1. ALERT! Euro in DownTrend to 1.18 and more down!!!

    The Katrina phenomeno extended the corrective pattern, making that the double zig zag became a triple zig zag, something inussual in this pair. After topping in 1.2590, the down trend broke the important ascending trend line, establishing the bears as leaders in the pair, helped by the political german crisis. But, what say the charts?
    The blue counting shows a wave 5 minor in progress, unfolding a complex wave ((iii)), where exist a high possibility to see mark subwaves. The target for this wave is ((i))=((iii)), and it is below 1.18.
    The red counting shows a wave (X) intermediate in progress, unfolding a wave X or B in a expanded flat correction. When this wave be complete, the uptrend as wave Y expected to the 0.618 fib of (W).
  2. why not post charts with your ew counts?
  3. Ceci


    this is my analysis, target 1.15 of 11/09/05
  4. tony,
    I'm looking at your charts,
    and I don't mean to offend you, but that is the worst tech analysis I have seen, Do you actually make money with this kind of tech/a ?

    This is almost like prediction movements using cloud patterns.. ?
  5. *yawn*

    EUR/USD is going up 200-points.

    current = 1.2028
  6. Looking at his recent record, toro has a knack for catching some nice turns in the euro -- unfortunately most of the moves are going the opposite direction of the thread titles :(
  7. /
    I do have the Opposite Direction

  8. ooops !

    Hope somebody wakes him up......

  9. Please post an overview of your cloud pattern trading metholodogy.
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