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    OK, assuming we are getting close to a bottom. I am thinking about buying some Alcoa stock. There last earnings report was down but they are a very strong company and I am thinking a good investment given the current price of their stock. Does anyone see any reason why this would not be a good buy assuming we are close to a bottom?

  2. They have 10 billion in debt. Look for companies with no debt for now.
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  4. Go Long CTSH.
    No debt
    Tons of cash
    Just confirmed this quarters estimates.
    Tons of work headed to them from all the mergers and aquisitions in the financial sector.
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    AA is the biggest garbage company ever. Although at this price it does look slightly interesting. Still Id follow buffets advise about how it is better to buy a great company for a good price than buy a bad company for a great price.
  6. any examples?
  7. AA sucks. going to 5
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    Gotta agree. Alcoa has hardly recouped any losses during this mini rally. Bargain hunters are providing more shorting opportunities for insiders.
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    CF industries. 1 billion in cash, no debt, highly profitable and well positioned company.
  10. thanks, kxvid, gonna take a look at it right away. :D
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