Alcoa Inc. (AA)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gaultiermale, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Alcoa Inc. (AA) confirm to beat earning today.Go and buy OTM call option on Alcoa Inc. (AA) and wait to collect big bucks.
  2. u aint gonna make much [if anythin'] buyin' premium before report...stock can move 10%+ and options might still go nowhere fast.
  3. Hi Bro, you are saying to buy option a few days before earning release?But I have used this method for the past one years.Have been reaping huge profit. Have a special method to analysis. High percent for company to beat earning.

  4. if u keep your pos 'till after report u wont make a killin' since premium rarely increases much after vega collapse...r/r just aint there.
  5. Estimates are to high, this is typical wallstreet bullishness, raise estimates to justify valuations. Then on major pull backs all you hear is valuations are cheep, buy buy buy.

    We are at the peak in earnings, as estimates are jacked up to high. Companies are going to start disappointing during this quarter, they will blame the fed and high commodity prices.

    Its all set up and ready to go, just watch over the next three weeks.
  6. Ive been trading alcoa today to play the bounces that its making in a range. It drops to .75 then bounces to .9 then drops back to .79 then to .95. It feels like it is controled by a program. But who knows. But very predictable trade today.