Alcoa earnings after the close

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  1. S2007S


    No need to worry, the bar is set so low that even the smallest increase in earnings will look great, the falling dollar alone is going to help alcoa tonight.

    They also cut 18,000 jobs over the last 18 months so there is no need to worry about them missing.

    $15+ after the close.

    The rally will continue.
  2. Looks like its halted.
  3. jnorty


    lol earnings ests are so low it should be a crime
  4. Hmmmm.... Alcoa beat and the spooz barely upticked.

    ES should be 70-75 handles by now.
  5. jnorty


    yeah hah they made 4 freakin cents. thats good for a $16 stock easy. wow what has gs done to the stock mkt

    16:05 AA Alcoa prelim $0.04 vs ($0.09) First Call consensus; revs $4.62 bln vs $4.55 bln First Call consensus
  6. BULL market Thursday
  7. and FRIDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY.....etc ad naseum.
  8. S2007S


    That wasn't hard now was it,

    est was for (0.09) the had 0.04.
  9. Anyone short AA is gonna get fucked x1000^3 till sunday.
  10. Man looks like a repeat of last qtr. wash rinse wash rinse with the lowest ball ests in history. can't fight this fellas. go aa rev;s down 45%
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