Alcoa (aa)

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  1. Stock, what do you think would be a big deal that would hurt the markets?
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  2. Of coarse they will, the market will jump up in the after market, the gap up all thru out July, then move to the sidelines and get some good fixed yields now over 5%... and wait for this fall.
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  3. jazzsax


    No, but it will get close to the strike price.... i tend to buy way OTM calls and make my money on the appreciation of the option over a short time frame (ie, aapl, rim, did the same thing many times)

    It's a risk obviously!
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  4. Hey JAZZ, the aa july calls high premium, you need a big move, more than 1 day to make some coin -- buy more if earnings are good tomorrow @ lower price. imo. good luck
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  5. Pardon me for butting in.....Huge miss from GE.
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  6. buy the puts, AA will be down in after hours.
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  7. Please explain your reasoning!
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  8. How about this neat trick, lower estimates the day of earnings hahaha.

    Analysts notch down Alcoa profit estimates ahead of release

    By Laura Mandaro
    Last Update: 3:18 PM ET Jul 9, 2007

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Equity analysts lowered their forecasts for second-quarter earnings per share at Alcoa, Inc. (AA : alcoa inc com
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    Last: 42.31+0.65+1.56%

    3:34pm 07/09/2007

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    AA42.31, +0.65, +1.6%) to an average 81 cents as of Monday from 84 cents a week ago, according to Thomson Financial. The aluminum giant is scheduled to release its second-quarter earnings after the close of New York trading Monday. Analysts polled by Thomson Financial forecast revenue will rise to $8.34 billion. Shares in Alcoa had risen 1.7% by late-afternoon trading Monday.
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  9. Nugget


    what time are they reporting 4:30ish? looks north, but my finger is on the trigger...argh need more tums
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  10. how much are you holding, if you don't mind me asking?
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