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  1. I have friend who stops by every 3 months and picks up everybodys aluminum cans. I asked him if had one of those can crushers and he said, "I used to, but it broke, so now I just use a couple of cinder blocks."

    He knows I follow the markets so he always asks me the price of gold.

    Last time he was out it was kind of cold and dreary and I told him, "$1250, but I wouldn't get to greedy...13, 1340 and I'd be a seller."

    He just stopped by this Fourth of July weekend and I told him,"$1500."

    "Dang, he said, I was hoping to buy it a little cheaper."

    So this guy picks up aluminum for free, and converts it every 3 months into gold and he's been doing this a long time. I don't know if he ever sells, but if that isn't alchemy I dont know what is.