Alaska police union files complaint against Palin

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    The complaint alleges that the governor or her staff may have have improperly disclosed information from Wooten's personnel records. The complaint alleges "criminal penalties may apply."

    John Cyr, director of the union that filed the complaint, told NBC News, "It seems obvious to us somebody has improperly accessed [Wooten's] personnel file."

    It's a great day when Palin was selected.

    No more wing-nuts for the next decade.

    Obama not only will win by a landslide. Much of the disgust against conservatives will result in loss of republican congressional seats.
  2. In your hurry to post something negative, evidently you missed this part of your article:

    This is a complete non-issue dumbass.

  3. Lucrum


    Maybe he's so pissed he can't think straight.

    Maybe his boy friend pissed in his eye affecting his vision.

    Maybe an evil neoconservative pissed in his ear filling the empty space in his head with, well piss.

    What is a "goy" anyway?
    Is it possible that this arrogant prick who's constantly telling us how stupid we are - misspelled his own alias?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. Grasping for straws yet again?

    The "waiver" was for his own attorney access.

    Not for Palins grubby hands.

    Big difference.

  5. Could you be any more dense?

    Your sheer stupidity is apparent to everyone on this board.

    What is your point? except for innanity and nonesense, you have yet to post anything of substance.

    At least the other right-wing nut 20th percentile imbeciles on ET make an attempt to appear smart by cutting/pasting right-wing talking points.

    You, however, seem to revel in your stupidity.

    Just like your superiors in the gop convention, full of attack, yet devoid of any substance.

    It's quite apparent that the only time you have ever placed a book in your grubby illiterate hands, is during your local book-burning festivals.
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    Now that's really funny cause, I was thinking EXACTLY the same of you.

    "Full of attack", now that's a curious statement coming from Mr. Attack himself.

    And are you ever going to answer the question as to what a "goy" is?

    I mean how many times can you pretend not to see it and avoid the question?