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Discussion in 'Trading' started by doher, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. doher


    Anyone - have experience or insight trading with Alaron Trading?

    They are a Clearing Member Chicago Mercantile Exchange

  2. was a small group who used to clear for large "locals" in the CME and CBOT. They are trying to get a piece of the screen based business along with everyone else in Chicago. Ive never had a bad dealing with them and understand they are committed to doing the emini business the right way.
  3. Tacsian


    I had an account with Alaraon a few years ago, when I was primarily trading in commodities. Had ok experience with their metals analysts (gold, copper, silver) and soft commodities (sugar cocoa). Executions were good...they worked orders for me well. Left only because my trading style changed and my preferred vehicle became the eminis and I wanted a better self-directed platform with lower fees. Not sure where they stand now technology and fee-wise, but I had no bad experiences with dealing with them.