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  1. Can anyone confirm or deny some of the rumors swirling around about Alaron being close to being bought out or being merged? It's hard to know what's true and what isn't these days!

    Thank you.
  2. Sorry, no information but it would not suprise me. It was something that I speculated upon earlier this year.

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    Debi :)
  3. Well Charla,

    I guess Im not suprised. Here is your answer

    — Peregrine Financial Group Inc., the third-biggest
    Chicago-based futures broker, agreed to buy rival Alaron Trading for an undisclosed price as it builds its retail futures business.

    The combined company, which brings together two family-owned
    businesses in an industry increasingly dominated by global behemoths, will
    have about $425 million under management, according to executives from both
    companies. The acquisition is the first of what Peregrine President and
    Chief Operating Officer Russ Wasendorf Jr. says will be a series of purchases en route to a target of $1 billion under management.

    “You need to get to critical mass,” Mr. Wasendorf says in a
    telephone interview. More acquisitions are in the offing, he adds, particularly as
    new rules for currency trading that go into effect later this year force smaller
    brokers to seek bigger pools of capital.

    “It absolutely increases our economy of scale,” Mr. Wasendorf says. “As we continue
    to add more assets, it drops directly to the bottom line.”

    Peregrine Financial Group, which does business as PFGBest, was
    founded by Mr. Wasendorf’s father and has about 225 employees. Alaron has fewer than
    100. Steve Greenberg, Alaron’s founder, will stay on, running his business
    as a unit of the larger company. Mr. Wasendorf said he would keep as many
    “key employees” on Alaron’s staff as possible.

    The brokerages have competed in the retail futures business for
    20 years. Last year was a particularly brutal one, as interest rates slumped to
    near zero, curtailing the profits that such firms typically make on
    the assets they hold for their customers.

    Earlier this year, Mr. Wasendorf, Mr. Greenberg and Mr. Greenberg’s sister and Alaron
    executive Carrie Greenberg met at the Capitol Grille in Streeterville to hash
    out a shared vision of their businesses. They signed the deal on May 14.
  4. Does PFG still have terrible data for their futures platforms???

    Anyone know?

  5. My god man you use MD, a good product, and you are seriously asking that? :D

    PFG Best was state of the art 8 years ago when I started trading. It is most likely mediocre from what I have heard, actually good for forex. Go with Mirus with Zen, Velocity/TT, TransAct, but not PFG. A guy I know, was trading size in gold with them, didn't know a better broker, and they couldn't even get his position reporting correct. Global Futures has some decent stuff too.
  6. I have multiple accounts with various brokers......Ninja/Zen with one set of accounts and Xtrader7/TT with another set of accounts.

    My comment about PFG was a LOADED question (a joke) so I will leave it at that. :)
  7. Ghostdog


    The chemistry of coagulation & flocculation or “merging” is primarily based on electricity or “synergy”. Electricity is the behavior of negatively and positively charged particles due to their attraction and repulsion. Like charges, as in two “negatively charged” particles will repel each other as seen in the diagram below.


    When these particles are dissolved in water or are taking on water, they have an innate negative charge, so physically they repel each other. As a result, they stay dispersed & dissolved or colloidal in the water. What does this have to so with the economics of business? I will let you draw your own conclusions :)
  8. Thank you Debi! I tried to get a straight answer but I couldn't get one. Thank you for confiriming. Do you have any recomendations on a good retail firm, you seem to get good information!

  9. I think any issues are probably a thing of the past. I often compare PFG's data with a couple of quote vendors, eSignal among them, and PFG data is typically spot-on for the products that I watch--mostly metals, eminis, and grains.
  10. These accounts have switched so many times, does anyone have any recomendation on whether it would be best to refuse the move and keep an account at Penson or allow it to move to PFG?

    Thank you
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