Alaron lost their Las Vegas Office

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by agtrader, Jul 18, 2009.

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    Alaron has lost brokers, and has lost various offices. Lots of rumors of dissatisfied brokers in their ranks. Principals have lied to thm, used strong arm tactics, while they face internal pressures of their own. The firm is alling apart.
  2. Alaron was bought by PFG back in May 09. This is clearly doing a deal with the devil. Not surprising you say they are falling apart.
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    i agree with you TerminatorXit, i also hear they are getting sued by some very important investors.
  4. I had some experience with them years ago when I first started trading.

    They were giving me bullshit, so I laughed and told'em to fuck off. Then they had different brokers try an call me and send emails to woo me back to them, but I told them to just get the hell away from me.
    Seriously, they're a bad brokerage with a bad model for acquring and keeping clients and the good brokers that they have realize it very soon and jump ship, so I'm not surprised at all by the closing ... no doubt, there will be more to come. :p
  5. Is PFG in danger as well ?
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    PFG is not in danger as far as i know.