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  1. Yosemite


    I've heard good things about alaron in commodities trading, but I do not know how reilable they're in electronic trading.
    I would like to keep one account only, and use the same trade commodities/ & electronic futures.

    It seems they're offering J-Trader, anybody has any good/bad experience using it with them?
    Is the usual "price feed lost" daily fight?

    What margins they offers?


  2. sjp


    Thinking of using J-Trader?

    No way jose.

    Ex-Jtrader trader
  3. cosmic



  4. Yosemite


    I know.... :mad:
    What else for a scalper?
    X_Trader costs too much,
    TWS seems a toy.....
    I don't see any other platform ablr to compete...

    So, nobody is trading with them?
  5. tradepro


    I think they have very reasonable rates, and a lot of people/brokers are using J-Trader.

    I am actually considering myself moving to them, since they are really cheap!
  6. sjp


    They are cheap for a reason though. I have no exceptional IT knowledge but I used Jtrader for about a year and found that, as a consequence of the garbled way that Jtraders 'gates' swapped communications i.e orders, with the exchanges, the program became shit in fast markets with feeds lost and order inputs 'stuck on send'. Obviously when legged up in some size, this will cost you your lunch money. This is something that the company is trying to fix but they privately admit its a real problem at present.

    I personally recommend RTS, failing that tt/x-trader. faster and over the long run this will save you some truly shit days.

    Wow, I made a serious entry.

    Serious entry trader
  7. cosmic


    Thanks for your statement...

    Are you absolutely sure that your hardware/software setup is in best condition?

  8. Well....I must agree. My Jtrader did stick the way SJP said and I did have a few problems, now that I think about it.

    To get the ladder/waterfall type of order entry feature for the lower volume trader is hard. There are not many choices.

    Today, I use Open E-Cry...they have an order entry platform programmed with C++ with all the bells and whistles J trader has. Jtrader is a Java platform.

    Michael B.

  9. Yosemite


    Thanks guys for all the tips.
    So you're assuming that this is a problem with the platfom architecture more than the broker that offer it.

    But I have a feeling that the number of client for servers, and some customized settings (I.E. using the standalone more than the web based version) can play a role in the number of problems and disconnection you get in a trading session.
    That is way I am trying to find out who has the best patsystems....

    As for open e cry ( I tried the demo several months ago) I found it not really a "fast entry" platform, even if written in C++ ....
    The dome was very slow ( compared to pats) to accept and let me move lots ...

    Anyway it was a demo, if you are real trading using it you're more than welcome to talk and correct me with oyur impressions.

  10. Bsulli


    I used J trader for about a year without any issues. My personal dislike of the product was mainly the number of windows that you had to keep open.

    I currently use Ecry in realtime and have found it to be very stable and fills are instanteous from the dome. I did demo the product back several months ago and in demo mode it did have the slowness mention by Yosemite. Also the demo wasn't completely stable and ecry was aware of it. They have since done one major upgrade to the product which focused on addressing the dome problems.

    My two cents worth.

    Good luck and good trading!
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