Alaron changing Day trading margins?

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  1. I just got a message from Alaron that said "because of the increased volatility there are no more "daytrading" margins and only full margins".

    I have good risk management and am pissed about this. Any other brokers doing this? I might be looking to switch today because of this. I've been with them for over 2yr and never had a problem before.
  2. exchanges change margins requriements all the time. IB just changed their week ago. I know of prop firms that politely asked little cap traders to leave due to mkt vol.

    Normal course of business.
  3. Blackbeard...

    Is your account with an ib or gib for Alaron, or is your account with Alaron directly?
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    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Hello Blackbeard,

    My name is Johnny Khek a broker from Global Futures, my firm currently offers intraday margins at $500 a contract for e-mini's, and also provide a special promotion as low as $300 a contract for ES, YM and NQ. Our low day margins are offered on a very large variety of electronic trading platforms you can choose from. My large customer service staff operates 24 hours a day with no automated messages. Let me know what I can do to potentially earn your business and I will be more then happy to do what it will take.

    For more detailed information you can reach me at

    877-367-3177 x 127

    hours of operation 7:30 am cst - 4 pm cst

    Johnny Khek
  5. Now where are all the punks that criticized IB?

    Ans: They already blew out their accounts and can be found selling hot dogs at the beach.
  6. hey whats wrong with selling hot dogs. I used to bag groceries for a living
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    I'd work on the beach anyday.
  8. Global Futures is the "worse IB" out there and have the worse reputation in this business. They churn accounts on their low margin like my favorite uncle in Greenbay, WI churns his butter daily.

    Complete scum bages........buyer beware...go anywhere else. if you have 2K in risk capital and can not get capitalized than you have few options but if you have capital than no reason to leverage a leverage product like these scum bags market.
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    I don't understand this. Can you explain your risk management showing how you take full advantage of intra-day margin?

    imo, intra-day margins have been way beyond any reasonable risk management system that seeks long term survival. so any chg should not matter if your risk management is worth a hoot.

  10. Futures instruments trade on a fixed tick increment, each tick having a fixed monetary value, determined by an exchange, based on a specific instrument. Margin requirements (aka performance bonds), regardless of name (intraday, overnight, exchange minimum, maintenance, etc), regardless of value($300, $500, $3000, $5000, whatever) does not affect tick increment or tick value of the instrument

    What is so hard to understand? The win or loss is the same, regardless of margin requirement. There is no difference between the money management. Winning or losing x amount is the same regardless if you put up $500 or $5000 for the privilege of playing a specific instrument.

    Initial account value determines risk/money management, not margin requirements. Margin requirement has no bearing as to whether or not a trader, intraday or otherwise, goes all-in. When going all-in (100% of account value), regardless of margin values, one deserves what one gets.

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