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  1. Hello,

    Would anyone share some thoughts about Alpari US/UK?

    I trade mostly the 4H and 1H charts, with signals coming from the 30M chart, on average a hold positions for 1 day. Some are closed within 30 minutes, some take 2 days.

    Beside trading during big news announcement time, do you get a lot of slippage? slow execution? liquidity problems?

    How is Alpari execution performance?
  2. Hi

    For example: <a href="">alpari review</a>
  3. Your typical bucketshop : slow fills, requotes, stop running

    RUN , don't walk away from them !
  4. Reealjrd


    Overall Alpari is a good broker in UK and US in respect of all the things. People are very much satisfied with their services. I hardly find a comment that is against them. Overall, a good broker and we can learn many things from them.
  5. I am with Alpari for years and never had any problems with them.
  6. hard to give much credence to a site that declared InteractiveBrokers as a scam. That is one of the FEW brokers I would trade forex through, if I were a forex trader.