Alan Greenspan continues to bad mouth economy

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  1. Here is a link:

    He never stops bad mouthing his own country? Should an ex-fed chief be constantly talking about this? How demeaning and unthoughtful. At least he can keep his mouth shut. He knows damn well we are not in a recession, he just keeps stoking fears without stopping.
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    That guys loves passing the blame for the mess that he helped create.
  3. No kidding.
  4. This guy is now a publicity whore so he can get more speaking engagements at $100k a pop.
  5. "HELPED CREATE"?? That senile fool has it all on his head.
  6. When he was in office, he had to "play ball". Now that he's out, he's voicing guilt feelings for past evil deeds and lies.
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    The problem we are facing right now is how to really retire an ex-Fed chairman. Your suggestion please...
  8. He is now being paid to poke pins in the bubbles he created.

    Greenspan Will Join Paulson as an Adviser

    By Greg Ip and Gregory Zuckerman

    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, whom some blame for fueling a housing bubble, is signing on as an adviser to hedge-fund firm Paulson & Co., which has profited handsomely from the collapse of that bubble.

    Mr. Greenspan will become a member of the New York-based fund manager's advisory board, the firm is to announce today.

    It is the third consulting contract Mr. Greenspan, 81 years old, has signed since leaving the Fed after 18 years as chairman in January 2006 and establishing his own company, Greenspan Associates. He reached similar agreements with Pacific Investment Management Co., which manages more ...

  9. Greedy bastard. Bad mouthing our economy in Europe? Is this meaningful and helps us?

  10. He will continue to fuel the minds of weak and vulnerable, pessimist types. He is part of our national pastime of pessimism.
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