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  1. Pound


    I tried the $180 subscription to "Mastering The Trade" and I have to admit it was well worth the money.

    You get 6months of access (I think that is right) to a wealth of information.

    If you are a newbie or advanced trader, I highly recommend Mastering The Trade.

    Good Job Alan!

  2. I have his book "The Master Swing Trader" and think it's one of the best of the bunch. I always check the 7 Bells on his site with the coiled spring and 3rd watch the most reliable chart patterns of them.
  3. patman


    I want to echo Pound in his support of Alan Farley.

    This guy has obviously been there and done that.

    His website and book are right to the fluff and no hype.

    Recommend both without hesitation.

    (No connection to him or his site.....just a very satisfied user)

  4. Certainly the most honest guy in this business.

    I read numerous books and his is certainly the only one that really deals with the real facts. No hype…
  5. Alan is a straight shooter. You cannot go wrong with his site or material. He has always communicated directly with me. I did the online course about 3 years ago. My book review is quoted on his site.

    A+ for that fella. I am glad to see his success growing. And the coiled spring is very good. All of his setups are explained in his book and are sound.

  6. nitro


    I think the whole book could be boiled down to 10 pages.

  7. I agree, and I think his writing style is completely unreadable.
  8. Tea


    Anyone who wears Hawaiian shirts can't be all bad.
  9. Gooney


    Alan is a true trader who has a sincere love for the markets and for what he does. I wish there were more like him.
  10. Completely agree with you...

    All the books I read on TA are just crap and brought nothing more on the table that what you find on Murphy's book or Pring's.

    This is the only book for me that brought something rock solid on the table and innovative... There is another book that is interesting : TA for professional traders by C brown) not bad at all...
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