Alan Farley's "Master Swing Trader"

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  1. As I said before, I didn't see your post as friendly as you might have intended for it to be. When you say, "Who is Farley," and "Christ any idiot can write a book," it didn't look like you were asking about his credentials rather than attacking him. Who gives this guy the right to write a book, would be the way I read your post. And then you attack all those who dare reading some of this stuff. Sorry, my point stands. You have no business reviewing products you have no first hand experience with.

    The thread was dealing with the content of his book and wasn't questioning the guy's credentials :)

    I am very sorry that trading did not work out for you. I wish you happiness and luck in whatever you choose to do in the future.

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  2. Now you are patronizing.... has trading worked for you ?
    I have a six months old daughter who means more to me than
    money and riches you are all dreaming here. Trading worked
    for me, actually I have been at it for almost 20 years
    as a stockboker, floor trader, upstairs trader. I have
    other priorities right now. I am somewhat of no nonsense
    guy kind of a little guys consumer advocate. If I come
    across strong at times - I am sorry, this is my personality.
    I don't want to offent anyone, yet if I am bombarded by
    infromercials I will ask questions. I have very low tolerance and highly accurate BS detector. For years now
    we have exponential increase of books, seminars and gurus.
    There are so many so called extperts that I have hard time
    believing there is any powerty in the world !!!
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  3. PS - if some will send me a copy of this book I will be
    glad to read it ad review it. I will return the book ASAP.
    I even pay the postage !!!!
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  4. "I am somewhat of no nonsense
    guy kind of a little guys consumer advocate. If I come
    across strong at times - I am sorry, this is my personality."

    Apology accepted!

    Enjoy your daughter. Sounds to me like you got your priorities right. You making me feel old, I have a grandson 17 years old :)

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  5. andras, FYI :
    Alan Farley is a private trader and publisher of the Hard Right Edge web site, a comprehensive online resource for trader education, technical analysis and short-term trading tactics. He is the author of the McGraw-Hill release "The Master Swing Trader". Alan has been part of the market scene for over 15 years as a private investor, advisor and author. He is a powerful speaker and lecturer on Pattern Cycles, the original trading strategies and tactics illustrated throughout his highly popular web site.
    In addition to writing and speaking, Alan has also been featured in Barrons, Smart Money, Tech Week, Active Trader, MoneyCentral, Technical Investor, Bridge Trader, Online Investor, America-Invest, Trading Markets and He consults regularly with major financial news services on issues facing today's online traders and is a strong voice for the Net revolution changing the face of our modern financial markets.

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  6. I have read "The Master Swing Trader". In my opinion it is full of useful information. It is probably one of the best Swing books out there right now. Now, about his credentials. Its enought for me to see all of the great traders that contribute to his web site. These guys wouldnt be part of some po-dunk sham. It is one thing to be skeptical about new books and services, another to be cynical. I give the book two thumbs up.

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  7. dozu888


    Recently the posts on this board have been quite firey, seems everybody is frustrated by the summer duldrom? lol.

    Chill off. September is only 40+ days away. Go to the beach, relax and kick some butt when the big boys come back from the beach.
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  8. Was thinking of going to the beach but am afraid of a shark attack :)
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  9. I have checked out Farley web site and it's full of "pushing
    " useless seminars, systems, books, what next ? Sell us
    some cancer ? I mean who is buying all this crap ? They must
    be grasping at straws if one actually buys that stuff.
    Seriously, Baron's site is clean honest, trader talk compared with the hardrightedge ?? I have no problem with anyone making an honest living just that this whole nation has lost it's marbles with commercialism.
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  10. To each his own, opinion that is :)

    Hugs and kisses to the little one,

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