Alan Farley in Dallas at AfTA on 4/19/11

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  1. This is an incroyable opportunity to see and hear one of the true greats in trading. He is the author of "The Master Swing Trader", the top of my top ten favorite trading books. Yes, he is ugly. And, yes, he is incomprehensible. But if you can get past that, what an insightful writer on trading! I haven't belonged to AfTA since they started getting only schmuck spammers to speak, but I am going to spring for the $20 one-time fee to see him. I have saved at least 25 times that by not belonging over the past five years, so I can afford it.
  2. I like Alan too.
  3. Well, then, that accounts for the two copies of his book that sold.
  4. OK, Alan, I guess you know where you stand. ET is THE premier hot spot for traders. And only TWO of us love you. Does that say more about YOU, or about ET?
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    is he going to mention a fail pattern is a pattern?
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    Just my opinion, but he could potentially be the worst writer in the history of the English language.
  7. Any AfTA members going to listen to Alan? I'd feel conspicuous being the only ET member there. They might throw me out.
  8. Alan begs me not to promote him, saying that he would rather be recommended by Heinrich Himmler. But I cannot help myself. I have read his book word-for-word three times. We won't mention that it took me that long to understand it fully. And it has pride of place next to Schabaker as only one of ten trading books that I haven't yet started a fire with. Dallas-ites, I implore you to come see Alan when he is here. Bring your copy of his book and ask him to autograph it. I intend to ask for the blessing, "Dear Joe, fuck you. Best regards, Alan." I guarantee you, AfTA has NEVER had a better trading guru than Alan speak before. Even though that isn't saying much.
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    Time & Place??

    If I can scrape together a hundred dollars for gas, after paying our dear uncle, I may show up

    I'm figuring it'll take me about 10 gallons there and back… (redneck cadillac)

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