Alabama's Nick Saban tests positive for COVID-19

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    He's one of my favourite college football coaches. I'm a little worried about this guy because he's now tested positive for Covid-19 when in the recent years he's had surgery plus his age.

    The good think is that he has great nutrition, not a smoker and has access to excellent health care plus he'll obviously be treated like a VIP is something goes wrong and he needs hospitalization.


  2. Eventually almost everyone will have the simple little virus Covid-19. It's nothing to get worried about.
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    Whats the big deal?
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    His age and prior (recent) health problems including a recent hip replacement.

    That's something to worry about considering he is classified in a high risk group. In contrast, he does have access to VIP treatment of medical care that the typical person would not have access too.

    Also, he has excellent football assistant coaches to take over duties for the next football game.

    If he was a young pup like one of his football you said...nothing to worry about.

    Regardless, they'll take good care of him. He's a treasure in the state of Alabama. He'll most likely be watching the game from home while in isolation (quarantine) and communicating with his coaches via cell phone. :D

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    Same could be said about Trump. It barely phased him.
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    My man Nick is back tonight against Georgia after 3 consecutive days of negative Covid-19 tests.

    He got lucky in college and avoided the Kent State shootings and now ready to lead his young men into battle...

    Hopefully this time he'll leave his mask on when he's inside talking to his players in a closed room and then put it on for show when outside in front of the TV networks.


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    False positive
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    Agree and makes me wonder how many others (not VIP) has had false positive and didn't bother to get more tests.

    Thus, they decided to just self isolate for 14 days and then move on...while saying they had very little symptoms or no symptoms when in reality they weren't even Covid-19 positive.

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    The bigger deal was that this moron wanted 90K students to attend the game.
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    More to the story that implies Nick Saban was Covid-19 positive.

    Saban said he and staffers — from coaches to secretaries — had done a good job of wearing masks around each other while in the football building. Asked about his No. 1 concern, Saban mentioned getting his players ready for the game, not his health.

    The above story doesn't add up considering others had tested positive including athletic director Greg Byrne...apparently there was a closed door meeting attended by the two plus other individuals...

    All individuals from that meeting had tested positive. What are the odds that all had on face masks during that meeting and then what are the odds that all had false positives ?

    Saban and others are known to take off their masks while walking around inside the athletic building, pull the masks down onto their necks once inside the athletic building, meetings and doing such while talking to groups of football players.

    On a different note...I watched the Alabama / Georgia football game (decent game) very closely especially when the cameras were on the student body section...I put it on still frame...counted 63 faces in that one still frame on my TV.

    39 students had their face masks around their necks, 20 students no face masks and I couldn't determine if the remaining 4 students even had masks because someone's head was in front of them.

    Just one still frame and 59 students at the football game were either inappropriately wearing their face masks or not having a face mask at all. By the way, if you're wondering if they were temperature tested prior to entry into the student body section...

    The answer is NO because I have a cousin that's a grad student at Alabama that attended the football game. She specifically stated they were not temperature tested @ Bryant-Denny Stadium and that there was a small rally outside prior to entry in which most did not have on their face masks nor were they asked to put them on by any security personnel.

    Yet, there was a sign that stated face masks were required and signs pointing to a nearby location for student testing with designated hours on the signs too.

    By the way, I watched other college football games and notice similar like problems with their coaches on the sidelines (pulling down their face masks to talk to the referees, talk to other coaches and the student body in the stands doing the same thing with each other.

    Hopefully, none will test positive for Covid-19 and then announce that face masks do not work. :rolleyes:

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