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  1. Anyone in Birmingham AL?

    pm me on yahoo, my name is

    armageddon_sunset if you wanna chat some time :p

    - nate
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    I am in Birmingham. I've already spoken with you via pm, just wanted to add my name to the list in case there are others from around here in the future.
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    What is Birmingham like ? Homes & cost of living, weather, crime, recreation, traffic, public transport etc?
  4. I read your deal on the Housing thread. Jacksonville is a shitty area. Really hot. Too hot to live.

    Consider Atlanta area. Tons of jobs and people your age.

    I am from Alabama and live in San Diego. I am moving back "home" this summer either to Montgomery where I am from or back to Atlanta where I have live twice before.

    Montgomery is probably too small for you but Bham is nice enough. I suggest Atlanta.

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    Thank you and thanks also for the heads up regarding Jacksonville...

    And may I ask why you are leaving San Diego? I always hear how people just love that place even though I have never been there.
  6. Bham is a nice town. About one million metro area. Really cheap place to live. Cheap housing. Nice people. I had a friend who was sort of a snob about living in Atlanta. He thought it was the best place in the world to live. He ended up getting transferred to Bham. After 3 years there he was asked to move back to Atlanta to take a promotion. He said it was the hardest decision that he had ever made. He said Bham was the best place he had ever lived. His wife was really upset about it. She is from Atlanta too.

    I would consider Bham myself but I just like larger towns. Also Atlanta is in the Eastern time zone and after they change the hours on the nyse this summer it will be better in my opnion then starting at 7:30 which will be the case in the central time zone.

  7. i live in atlanta and it sucks. the traffic is in the top 3 worst in america. to go from the northern subarbs to mid town to work takes 1 hr 45 minutes each way. to go out to a restraunt on a friday night is a 2 hr wait. every fucker from the north has moved here for the cheaper housing and has caused a overcrowed nightmare.i'd look at charlotte before here. i thought birmingham was a steel town and a nasty place to live? maybe it's changed.
  8. Birmingham sumed up in one sentence. Football, grits, bacon, sweet tea, high crime..thats about it.

    Its an ok city i guess, but i lived all over the country, so... I would have to say, California is the best state by far.
  9. San Diego is a great place if you take advantage of it. By that I mean of the activities here in SoCal. I am looking out my window now and see mountains with snow and when I look out of the same window to the right I see the ocean. You have deserts here, the mountains, the ocean to go out on charter boats, you have orange county, you have LA. It's all here not to mention, Big Bear, Mamouth, Palm Springs etc.

    The flip side is it cost TOO much to live here. The socialist's have run California into the ground. The top state tax rate is going up from 10% to 11.5% soon. The sales tax is 7.75%. Taxes will be going up and going up a lot. There is no way around it. Also, houses cost a good million and taxes are about 12k a year on that. Traffic is bad and getting worst.

    California is become a place to visit for two or three months a year and not to live. I did my 8 year fling with it and now it's time to grow up and live sensiblity. I sold my house two years ago and no way am I going to buy another one out here.

    Another reason is the time zone. They are going to change the hours on the NYSE this summer. No one has annouced it yet but they will. 6:30 is early enough but 5:30, well forget it.

  10. You might like Bham. My xwife is from Charlotte and I spent time there visiting etc. Charlotte is a pain in the ass with traffic. Asheville would be interesting place but expensive and a smaller town. I like NC as a state in general.

    When I got out of school I left Alabama and didn't let the door hit me in the ass on the way out either. I w as fed up with the hot weather, race, lack of opportunites.

    Now after living away for almost 30 years and after getter older I have to say that Alabama has changed a lot and a lot for the better. It still has it's hot weather and it still has race issues but the state has grown a lot and there is a lot of opportunity there now.

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