Alabama Tornadoes Spur Nuclear Emergency

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  1. The Brownsferry nuclear plant has had all 6 major 500kV lines to it cut by the recent tornadoes, requiring the emergency cooling system to run on several thousand gallons of diesel fuel per hour to keep three large nuclear reactors, each 2X the Daiichi size, from melting down.

    by Paul Noel

    I live in Madison, Alabama about 20 miles as the crow flies from Brownsferry Nuclear plant operated by the US-TVA. On Wednesday 27, 2011 There was a massive tornado outbreak in North Alabama. Rest assured I am ok. My home is fine and my family is fine. However; North Alabama and the US-TVA is not fine at all.

    All 6 major 500KV lines from Brownsferry were cut by the tornadoes. This is a major event because this means that the US-TVA now has 3 large (2X Daiichi Japan size) nuclear reactors which are running on backup generators which are eating several thousand gallons of Diesil fuel an hour. Should these fail we are into a Daiichi situation. The US-TVA is now admitting that these essential power lines will take more than 15 days to replace. I have bad news, they will take at the normal rates of usual repair 2 years to replace. Rather than go into all that can go on with the economy just look at the nuclear potential.

    If this situation is not restored to power lines the TVA plant at Brownsferry may well explode and burn down like Daiichi's plants have done. It is of the same design only bigger. On site in the cooling ponds are 50 years of nuclear waste. This has every potential of being the biggest nuclear disaster in all history. It could easily be several times the Daiichi situation. Don't panic folks there is a way out.

    If the US Army Construction Battalions are brought out with numerous heavy lift Choppers like the Chinook and about 10,000 soldiers are deployed to good effect this situation can be a memory without problem. If not we stand a very good chance of having to evacuate about 5 million people from their homes in Alabama and Tennessee. It could affect even more area.

    This is an on going situation and Congress, together with the President should move on this immediately. The alternative may well be to evacuate from Birmingham to Nashville and Chattanooga. The damage to the US Economy could easily exceed 10% of our national present and future economy.

    I regret that I have no capacity to answer emails or to even see the response to this. I am working on a borrowed computer in the Athens State University Library and it is only available for a very short time. I would love to upload pictures and such which are simply amazing but I cannot even do so and travel to many such sites is pretty much off limits at this time. The tornados were many. One traveling through Tanner, East Limestone and Harvest Alabama reached 2 miles wide. These things ground up towers able to take 250 mph winds. They took homes and literally ground them to splinters. They scrubbed large forests down to stumps. They followed the same path that the 1973, 1996 tornados did. The sky was just alive with lightning. I filmed one of these twisters but it was so large that you really see nothing in the film that anyone who hasn't been in such a storm would even imagine to recognize.