Alabama Senate race more likely to go Red

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  1. Accused child molester Roy Moore leads Alabama Senate race after losing to Doug Jones in 2017


    Voters in Alabama say they will likely replace Democratic Sen. Doug Jones with accused child molester Roy Moore.

    According to a Mason-Dixon survey released on Tuesday, 50% of voters say they would replace Jones with a Republican candidate, compared to 40% who want to give the incumbent another term

    Moore came out as the top choice, with 27% of Alabama voters saying they preferred the former state Supreme Court chief justice.

    During the 2017 race, three women accused Moore of sexually assaulting them. Two of the women said they were underage (14 and 16) at the time of the assault.
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  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The true tragedy is that we have no idea whether to believe anyone is truly guilty of sexual misconduct because the left has staged so much bullshit that true predators will likely walk in the future because no one will believe the cries of wolf any more.

    i don't know whether Roy Moore did anything. So the NYT says he did, that's actually a point in my book for Roy Moore. A yearbook note isn't evidence.

    Well done.
  3. The heart of my post was that Alabama was likely to go red.
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    Tsing Tao

    Sure it was. Regardless, you don't have problems redirecting other's threads, so I figured I'd repay the favor.
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    Don't you find it strange that as soon as they damaged Roy Moore and cost him the election, all these women were quiet and vanished out of thin air? Remember all those women also, accusing Donald Trump? One of the so called accusers saying she was sexually harassed because Donald Trump made a remark to someone in the elevator with him. Not even involving that woman stranger in the conversation? That is utterly, bogus! Some people will sell their souls to the devil for monetary gain!
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    Folks---Jeff Sessions will be replacing Doug Jones in Jan 2021.
  7. This would not be a bad outcome. It was shameful to watch the republican cucks abandon Jones but the fact is, he is damaged now. Fairness to him has to take second place to getting the seat back. Sessions is the surest way to do that. A little tough on Mo Brooks, but there's only one seat to go around.
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    I'm sure you mean Moore
  9. Yes, you're right, thanks.
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