Alabama secessionist blames government for closing topless car wash

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    An Alabama man who started a petition calling for the White House to allow his state to peacefully secede from the Union says he’s angry that the government forced him to close his topless car wash.

    Disaffected Americans have created hundreds of “We the People” petitions on the White House website following President Barack Obama’ re-election earlier this month. There have been petitions from each of the 50 states requesting permission to secede.

    WKRG-TV managed to track down Derrick Belcher, the man responsible for the petition calling for Alabama’s secession.

    Gawker noted on Thursday that the 45-year-old trucking company manager was really just upset because his Euro Details topless car wash had been shut down by the government.

    But according to, it was the Mobile city government — not the federal government — that arrested Belcher and charged him with obscenity after the state of Alabama enacted an anti-obscenity law in 1998.

    “The government ripped my business away, and now they’re choking America to death with rules and regulations,” the secessionist explained.

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  2. abortion on demand is a right, partial birth abortion(murder) is okay because it's convenient but a topless car wash goes too far.

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  4. The Mobile Government is run by Democratic African Americans.