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  1. I now trade remotely in south Florida, and may be moving to Birmingham, AL soon. The firm I am presently with is unable or unwilling to register there. Does anyone know of a firm that will allow me to trade remotely in that state, or even better, somewhere in house I could trade and be around other traders?

    I can put up 5k or ideally I'd like to start with a firm that will fund me.

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    The real question is why would you move to Bumblefu...ehhh.. I mean Birmingham, Alabama. Are you just trying to seem like a genius by being among borderline retards? Or do you need your neighbors to be supportive of your choice to marry your sister?
  3. Birmingham is a pretty big city, jackass.
  4. no seriously it was a good question
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    Compared to the backwards retarded villages that comprise the state, yeah, I would agree.
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    I know, I'm just kidding around. Making fun of the South never gets old.
  7. alabama has some nice area's. if you trade remotely,why tell the firm you are moving? you can keep a local florida phone number that only recieves meassages and you can periodically call to retrieve them.. you can keep a florida mailing address.
  8. I'm sorry I can't help you with the prop firms in Birmingham, but had to post a note that the South is great.

    I tried living up North, but I kept asking myself why?

    I haven't seen snow yet this year. I think that's great. The cost of living is mostly lower. Housing is cheap. The only cars that rust are the ones that came from the North.

    Okay, I can't ski down here. But I'd say that's more of an East/West thing. I fly West to ski.

    My only beef with the South is that all the Northerners are learning what they're missing, and moving down here! Oh, and when it does ice up here, noone (including myself) should drive. We don't know how. Just wait. It will all be melted by 11am.

    I'm no Confederate, just one who uses logic in his choices. Logic tells me that I like warmth too much to live any further North.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

    BTW: in Atlanta, there is Opus Atlanta and Assent
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    Yes, you are a redneck and proud of it.

  10. Just to be clear here, Birminham is really like a small Atlanta in many ways. What you guys think of as Alabama occurs when you drive oustide that city for an hour or two. At that're pretty much dead on.

    Ok, so noone knows anything about any person trading in Alabama? Could someone just provide a few of the best remote firms to get me started on my research? It would help...thx.
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