Alabama passes tough illegal-immigration law

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Jun 9, 2011.

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  2. Would you rather have a bunch of good ol Alabama boys on your roof with their mullets and their shirts off and a six pack in the water cooler or a crew of illegal Mexicans on your roof replacing it ?
    I can tell you who will do the better job and who is more likely to steal from you.
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    I'll take the good ol Alabama boys.
  4. Keep your valuables locked up and some buckets out for the first big rain and you should be OK.
  5. Funny legislation since Alabama farmers are granted relief to bring in migrant seasonal workers.
  6. Glad to see some states stepping up and doing what the Fed govt refuses to do. I'm officially a huge Bama and Auburn fan now....
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    Always do
    Maybe they're better in Texas then they are here. But we've already had to have our roof fixed twice and our deck is self destructing, AFAIK Mexicans built both.

    Me too.

  8. Same Mexicans in both places Lucrum. The crews travel all over the US.
    Talk to your contractor, should be a warranty, or PM me some pics I'll tell you how to have them fix it.
    The good ol boy was a trick question, the real good ol boys already have a good job. It's sad but you can not get good American grown labor for roofing. I know roofing contractors from all over and none of them will hire a white crew. I'm on a big project now and if a white crew offered to do it for 5 grand cheaper than my guys, I'd turn them down. It's not about money it's about a quality job and loyal workers. America isn't the same as it used to be, in years past no one would look down their nose at a hard dirty job, but people are different today, especially young men. 1997 was the last time I hired a white crew for residential roofing.
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    Hmmmm, so why do we need 13 million of them then? LOL
    Out of warranty I'm afraid. The best way to fix it would be with a wrecking ball and a new delivery of lumber. It was constructed very poorly. Frankly when we bought the house I was surprised the deck even passed inspection.
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