Alabama Court To Hear Obama Ballot Challenge

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    Sorry. This is old news. Although, I'm unable to delete the thread.
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    Still, Sheriff Joe is a widely trusted person and has introduced an uncertainty here regarding the documents that is going to take on a life of its own.

    Maybe that was old news but I can see that there are going to be further investigations by various states and the actual official documents are going to have to be supplied by the State of Hawaii to various court juristictions or Obama is going to start having problems getting on certain ballots.

    Personally I felt devoid of hope just a week ago. Now I'm starting to sense the possibility of getting this guy out of Washington. I wonder if others are sensing the same thing.
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    I just see catastrophe if he is re-elected and I don't think God will allow nationwide catastrophe to happen to the U.S. So, I have always had faith that he will not be in office in 2013.
  4. Welcome aboard the the birther express, P and 377. Glad you finally came on out with it.

    I realize you are very desperate at this point. So, I understand.
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    Desparate for the truth. Enough of the lies from the left. Let's get to the bottom of this lier's history.
  6. Alabama primary

    A lawsuit filed by Albert Hendershot in December 2011 alleged Obama's birth certificate was forged and that he was ineligible to be on the Alabama primary ballot.[110] On January 9, 2012, Hendershot's suit was dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction, and two similar suits were filed by Harold Sorensen and another Alabama citizen from Pell City.[111] Sorensen requested that Judge Helen Shores Lee, who is black and also presided over Hendershot's suit, to recuse herself because "she has racial bias and a lack of Constitutional knowledge."[112] The Pell City suit was dismissed on January 13, 2012.Sorenson's suit was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction on January 17, 2012, and the court awarded the Alabama Democratic Party its costs and fees
  7. When The GOP nominee sucks as bad as he does its understandable that they start looking for other ways of getting Obama out :D
  8. Joe is considered a media whore who is under multiple federal investigations.Joe is picking a fight against a US State,my money would be on the State
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    I don't think it amounts to anything legally as others do but think it plays into the election.

    Subsidized solar companies failing
    GM Volt production halted, 1300 laid off
    Uncertainty about eligibility
    Mishandling Afghanistan

    It all adds up.
  10. Obama is running against the original creator of Obamacare,A guy who wants to stay in Afghanistan longer and Gorden Gekko who pays 15 % on 20 million

    The volt may have halted,but GM has rebounded in a big way.Sylandra is a non issue imo and the birther crowd is a small number of far right loons who would never vote for Obama under any circumstance

    Obama is looking great for 2012 imo
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