al - Zarqawi dead?

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  1. Jerusalem post reporting, the scumbag might be dead along with 8 terrorists that blew themselves up in Mosul on Sunday
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    I saw that report and I almost gave it some credence since expiration already passed, but now the reports seem to indicate he wasn't killed. Too bad. Hopefully soon though.
  3. May he rest in pieces.
  4. ROFL!!! :D :D :D
  5. Part of me wants him dead..:mad: ....but part of me also knows that if the story was true, all my short positions would rise up and stick it to me hard!:eek:
  6. Yahooooo! Stock Market BOOM here we come!!
  7. Where is BinLaden?:confused:
  8. He's in the freezer....he'll be defrosted when it's most useful....
  9. US officials are stoking the press speculation looking to see what type of comments come out of the Zarqawi organization. Part of the intel game as DNA testing can take a while and if he is dead, this could be a particularly vulnerable time for the organization in that it could splinter into vieing (sp?) groups. That is something US/Iraqis need to take advantage of.
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