Al Sharpton will call for civil disobedience in Sanford Saturday

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    There will be a big rally in Sanford Florida Saturday March 31, 2012 and Al Sharpton said today that if George Zimmerman is not arrested soon (today) that he will call for civil disobedience and economic "sanctions" against the City of Sanford.

    I've come to regard Sharpton, Jackson and Farrahkan as rabid racists and criminals against Humanity. They have no idea how much they are damaging race relations.

    I have to admit, since the shennanigans started this week I simply do not view black people as I did just last week. I imagine the outlook of a very many others is being altered as well. Personally I'm beginning to see blacks as recidivist racists.

    Who wants to socialize with a racist?

    Who wants to hire a racist?

    Who wants to live next-door to a racist?
  2. Can you post a link to the story,thanks
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    It was verbal, Shepard Smith on Fox maybe 10 minutes ago.

    He said there is a rally today but there is a much larger rally tomorrow and then he related what Sharpton said about there needing to be an arrest today or he would call for civil disobedience at the rally Saturday and also call for some kind of economic sanctions against the City of Sanford.
  4. Farrahkan really isn't the same as Sharpton and Jackson. The later two are in it for the money and spotlight, plain and simple. Farrahkan is different, and actually I have some respect for the man. He is what he is, and makes no bones about it. He has little use for whitey and stands by that opinion. I can live with that. Within his own community he has done some good things. He advocates involved parenting, education, and self reliance.
    What I can't accept are the profiteers like Al and Jesse. They have done more harm to their own than any white man can ever do. Explotation is the name of the game, and it's very profitable for them and their ilk.
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    Here is a link from the Orlando Sentinel that I found on Goog:

    If I was Zimmerman I would have left the country days ago since he has no restrictions on his travel whatsoever.

    I would have gone to South America. Of course, I already know where to hide down there so it would be pretty easy to stay out of reach.

    Fly to Cayenne, French Guiana, rent an airplane in Kourou and fly to Saint Georges. Hire a boat to go up river and then cross illegally into northern Brazil at the town of Oiapoque. Pick up backpack gear and provisions and then hike deep into the jungle. I used to hunt for indian ceramics there and it would be easy to hide out. It isn't necessary to be able to speak Portuguese as many people in Oiapoque speak French and some speak English. If you buy a shotgun in Cayenne and take it with you there is plenty of small game and birds and a person could stay out there for months.
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    I'm no expert on the speeches of Farrahkan but I've seen enough excerpts to know he is filled with hatred towards Jews. I'm not jewish but I feel some connection because I grew up in LA and they were always part of my life. They've been my friends, my employers, my business partners and even part of my family. I guess I react pretty badly when they are attacked.

    To me, Farrahkan is *worse* than Jackson or Sharpton. They are out for a buck, Farrahkan would like to see race warfare.
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    Like what, boycotting the local Churches Fried Chicken?
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