Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Don King Don't Care Two Shits About Black People

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  1. I can't stand Bush. I think he's one of the worst Presidents of all time, and almost by any measure.

    Having said that, I must be 'fair and balanced,' and also state that I don't think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jr., or Don King care any more about the plight of African Americans than Bush.

    In fact, I believe the three people mentioned care less, as they are opportunistic, self-promoting scum (the thing they share, despite different occupations), and would sell their souls to the devil if it meant enriching themselves, even to the detriment of 'their people.'
  2. Of course they care about black people. Who else would they step on to get their millions?
  3. You got something against community organizers?

    Maybe one day we may see a community organizer become President.
  4. You'd think African Americans would get embarrassed about everybody worrying about their "plight". Their real plight is how the Democrats keep them on the reservation.....
  5. Wouldn't that be the Native Americans who are kept on the reservations? How many are there anyway? Does anyone ever see any of these "Native" Americans? Or are they kept on reservations with some kind of voodoo or something?
  6. After reading this thread again, I think Al, Jesse and Don would give 3 shits about black people, not 2 because there are 3 of them unless of course one of them was constipated. I think that would be Al. Or maybe Jesse, but not Don.
  7. The ghetto is a de facto reservation. Detroit is the biggest.
  8. How dare you talk about Don King like that???

    Has ayone ever loved America more then this man? Look up " The American Dream" and there should be a pitcure of him!!

    He is a shining example for all of black America that YOU CAN PROSPER!!! ( ok Obama is too)

    The man was in jail for murder and now is a powerful hundred millionaire!!!

  9. Elvis lives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I would think Sharpton would get an endorsement deal for whatever brand Pom-aide he uses in his hair.

    He probably could fund a couple of those charities that Madoff ripped
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