Al Sharpton is a racist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by philbloom, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. The Treyvon self-defense shooting has highlighted just how racist some blacks are.

    Should racists like Al Sharpton be deported back to Africa?

    Do folk like Sharpton deserve to live in the land of the free?
  2. Al Sharpton isn't the problem.

    The media validates Al.

    Go get a microphone and ask for a comment from Bill Cosby or any other credible African Americans who might blame the "knuckleheads" for their own problems.
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  4. Anyone else find it ironic that the black kid has the white hoodie on? Kinda KKK-ish.
  5. I think his street name was Q-tip...:cool:
  6. Qtip is a poker player
  7. Does wearing a hoodie profile you?

    Hoodies' banned at some N.J. schools..

    Hats Off’ Or Get Out: Valley Stores, LAPD To Ban Headgear In Anti-Crime Effort...

    Feb 3, 2012 – A Kansas mayor wants to impose a ban on caps and hooded sweatshirts to help lower the crime rate...
  8. Mav88


    This is the most annoying aspect of race relations for myself: If I say the same exact thing as Jesse did, then I am in the Ku Klux Klan according to white liberals and most blacks. People like me cannot get past their stupid feelings and have honest productive discussion. They like to control the discussion by trying to keep you on the defensive, they think it makes them morally superior to be such assholes.

    Of course Sharpton is one of the most hateful race baiters out there, anyone with a living brain can see that. The fact he is held up by the left and the black community as some sort of leader tells you all you need to know. That's why anything like a color blind society will never be possible. It's not about equality at all, it's all about their hate.

  9. Yes...what you wear gives a pretty good impression of who you are. If you wear a nice suit & tie, it gives the impression that you are educated, a businessman, and very respectable. If you wear a t-shirt & jeans (that fit right), it gives the impression that you are an average joe. If you wear pajamas(in public) It gives the impression that you are a lazy slob. If you wear your pants around you knees (with a freaking belt) and a shirt that would only fit someone who is 7 feet tall....then it gives the impression you are a gangster.

    Hoodies on the other hand are different. You cant judge someone just by the have to look at the whole outfit.

    For instance....if you are 140 pounds and wear a medium sized hoodie with pants that fit you, you are probably a normal guy.

    If you are 140 pounds and you wear an XXXXL hoodie with baggy pants, you are probably a criminal/gangster wanna-be/troublemaker in general.

    These stereotypes are right 99% of the time. Lets not try to fool ourselves.