Al Queda plan : "attacking the heart : world, money"

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    The Nature of Strategic Logistics

    In order to give you a sense of the nature and scope of strategic logistics, we offer the following list of topics which we believe to be components of strategic logistics or which significantly affect or overlap the components of strategic logistics:


     Economic intelligence
     War finance
     Stabilization of the civilian economy (price, wage and credit controls)
     Economic warfare
     Possibilities and pitfalls of international war finance
     International trade in war and relations with neutrals
     Currency stabilization
     Shifting from steady-state defense budget to wartime appropriations
     Working capital funds: how they work; what they can and cannot do
     Managing expeditionary costs: O & M and supplementals
     Using war to strengthen the economy
     Use of tax incentives for industrial mobilization
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  2. What you don't understand about Americans, maybe because of your French nature, is that the fear that currently grips America is going to turn to anger on the next attack, if one happens.

    Americans were cought unprepared emotionally for 911. The first and natural reaction was fear by most Americans. However, Americans, unlike the French who have never overcome their sense of fear of being conquered and beaten and easily back down from conflict, will not give up.....they will get even.

    We may get damaged, but the more damage is done, the stronger the resolve that will come out of it.

    Personally, I have no fear of the Taliban or other terrorists. Bring it on, bring it on. Just go ahead and really piss us off.
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  3. You're right many french are cowards : I tell them also on forum everyday in fact because we had a french writer who was threatened to death-sentence during 12 years by an apparent socialist president who happened to be a pro-nazi and everybody do as if nothing is known. This writer is now dead and before his death he has again received a death threat. But medias don't tell people this fact: they just announced the death. You can only read that in intelligence books.

    As for americans you have an image of being proud people (and even imperialists by others especially communists of course - don't worry I'm not communist :) so your reaction is expected.

    If I have used the term coward it is more to be provocative than to really think it. I think that some people think, by religion or mysticism, that fearing something will make it more happen. I'm not mystic as for myself and I think that if more people were be able to look at some danger signs and react to it before it is too late some events like wars should not occur. People are also too naive and think that war interests don't play a role, that war interest is just nation interest, it is not true: globalisation of war is global interest: it doesn't matter who win.

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  4. Harrytrader, the author of the "Crash Index", posts apocryphal declarations of the economic death of the US at the hands of Al-Queda. Oh how credible your intentions are Harry. You silly boy.

    There is a dustbin on ET somewhere for people like you. Go there, you will find a guy named Lundy.

    Further, you accept the absurd claim that Al-Queda spent 1.4 billion on 7 nukes,sponsered by Arab and European nations. And the claim that there would be no counter attack by the US after 7 nukes going off in its cities goes unquestioned by you.

    How is your underground bunker Harry? When is the Asteroid going to hit? Are the extraterrestrials procreating with humans at secret locations yet?

    The only thing left out of that interview is the fact that Al-Queda has infiltrated Area 51 and will unleash alien technology against the US economy.

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  6. sunnie


    Just what I was going to say OPTIONAL777 - this person does not understand Americans, and may I suggest we not waste any more of our time in trying to educate him....:p :p :p
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  7. My crashindex it is an index with BUY and SELL level so don't mix everything.

    As for Al Quaida where do I accept what ?!!! I don't accept anything from Al Quaida or from US Government or from Governement of France or anywhere else ! This has been published by ASIA TIMES and because you are afraid you don't want to admit this publication. Is it a hoax or not, you don't like it or not, it has been posted, whatever content it can be !

    Now for the content what terrorists say is always foolish and their actions too, so where is the problem about content veracity ?!!! The importance is they now think about financial system and it is logic since it is the core of capitalism. Do you lack logic ?!!! financial system is very easy to attack, do I have to remember Nick Leeson or LTCM ? What about BCCI which was connected to terrorism ? It doesn't exist anymore ? Well why do all the administrators of BCCI now in Karlyle group and Karlyle Group has had Ben Laden Family as main stock holders. And what are the activites of Karlyle: invesment in defense and medias ! And who works for Karlyle group as employees ? James Baker and others former known politicians.

    As for possibility would you believe the WTC attack if it didn't happen ? You would have said it is impossible because US Army would never let them enter the US territory that this would be a ridiculous scenario !

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  8. Oh it's a hoax alright. Just try see what the guy's surname spells when you read it backwards!

    Mohammed Al-Asuquf
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  9. Sorry it is Carlyle (not Karlyle) group. There was even an article in the Wall Street Journal on September 27. It is said that the story received some attention from the alternative media, but even the fact that George W. Bush sat on the firm's board for four years barely raised eyebrows in the mainstream media or among the public.

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  10. If you don't know what BCCI story is well you should read this : I don't know the trust of the source but medias sources are quoted (that's where I pick the 27th september information of the Wall Street Journal):

    Note for example the mention of ""funnel Saudi money into the U.S." intention


    "Kerry committee report is rife with accounts of Pharaon bilking high-profile clients of BCCI, including governments. For instance, Pharaon arranged for what appeared to be BCCI financing of a luxury hotel in downtown Buenos Aires. Most of the financing was to come from selling Argentine debt. BCCI did purchase Argentine debt -- at a huge discount, and then cashed it with the Argentine central bank. The net result was that the Argentine national bank financed most of the hotel. "

    "The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations investigated BCCI from 1988 to 1992. Among its many findings, the committee report of its investigation criticized the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Office of the Controller of the Currency, all arms of the Treasury Department, for poor coordination and failing to act on information concerning BCCI's criminal intentions. For example, " Even after [BCCI] was indicted on drug money laundering charges, the Federal Reserve undertook only limited investigative efforts."
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